Day of Coordinator

To your event, you should arrive as guests.

You have invested a lot of money and effort for your special day, and dealing with logistics and management on this day will not give you the opportunity to enjoy the event.

That’s our Job! my name is Eitan Taback and I have been producing and managing events for almost a decade. We provide a logistical and managerial solution for your event.

Pre-Event we send special events details documents for you to fill in and we have a meeting to go over all the details. 2 days before the wedding we contact all of your vendors and make sure they are on the ball with all event matters, so you do not have to deal with it the day before the event. Also, we reach out to all the people that are planned to participate and have a part at the chuppah just to touch base.
We arrive at the hall about 4-5 hours before the start of the event and make sure that everything you have planned is carried out, suppliers arrival and their setup, design and table setting according to sketch, all in order that when you arrive, everything will be ready exactly as you dreamed .

During the event we will be the contact with all the suppliers, Seating of the guests, coordination of the event schedule, and your full accompaniment so that the event will flow smoothly and calmly.

Looking forward to being there for you on your Simcha!